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Creating .TEX Files Programmatically

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Hello everyone,


I know I ask quite some questions the last days - it's just that I have only three days a week to develop my customers needs..


I need a possibility to convert PNG files to TEX files.

Because my software will include the customers PNG files in the 3d Scene.


Is there a sourcecode for saving in the TEX file format?

(or a simple file description of TEX files...?)


thank you in advance! -




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I know this doesn't answer your question directly but Leadwerks editor is using a conversion utility to convert all supported bitmap formats into .tex files. Perhaps if you don't get access to the file format description you can employ this tool instead.


It's here: "..Steam\SteamApps\common\Leadwerks\Tools\img2tex.exe"

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That I can't tell you, better ask Josh. However I don't see why not, this is a Leadwerks specific texture format so...

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