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collision and prefab not working

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A prefab with script moves and collides then it is realeased.

The same prefab loaded by another script just does not collides ? it seems a bug.


Just dezip it as a new directory "test" in your project root folder and launch the map file.



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You are right. It appears the brush shape is not being copied with copied brushes. A temporary workaround is to rebuild it yourself:

function Script:fireBall()	 

	local fireball = Prefab:Load(self.prefabFireBall,Map.LoadScripts)

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Same problem here so I guess this is not fixed yet?

I have a CSG brush as prefab and when I load it, there is no collision.

BuildShape() worked for me but I can't find nothing about it in the documentation pages.


Is BuildShape() resource intensive?

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