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Transition shader

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It blends diffuse/normal/spec/glow from one set of textures to another set of textures in real time.

You can control the mix between the two set of textures by script changing a value used by the shader.


Available on the workshop




It can be used for many advanced effects like Wrinckles, cloth effects , characters appearance change during game , damage, dry to wet effect etc ...




It blends two sets of maps :






Thanks to macklebee for his help.


Enjoy this cool effect smile.png

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Actually it creates a material and assign textures by code, if you change some textures you must change the code.

I'll upload a new version where you just drop textures on a material ready to use, something more workflow friendly.

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New version uploaded to the workshop.


It uses a material where you put textures on the slots, than the shader is attributed to the material on the script.

So there is no more hard coded textures attribution.



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