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Animation tool feature


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It would be usefull if we could attach some variable names to the frames we want in the animation editor and have some callback function that would be called each time a variable is encountered.


For example in the midle of some attack animation or when a big boss character hits the ground we could attach a variable to that frame named for example "Left Foot Step" or "attack touch"


In the script this could be :


function animationCallbacks()


if animationCallback == "walk" and nameCallback == "left foot" then




if animationCallback == "walk" and nameCallback == "left foot" then






This is just a general idea.

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I generally modify the existing AnimationManger to get this functionality in which I assign on Create() of the AnimationManager. Since AnimaitonManager isn't really even part of the core LE API I wouldn't think a feature like this would be part of the core API either but just a modification to AnimationManager.lua.

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