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Password protected Assets

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i have created a Project from the Marble Game Template for a Test in MS Visual C++ 2013, here my steps:



	 if (ext=="zip" || ext=="pak")


Ok after the changes in main.cpp i have compiled the solution and the Game runs in the Projectfolder, now i have create a folder "MarbleGame" with the MarbleGame.exe, lua51.dll and the steam_api.dll from the Projectfolder, the Assets are in seperated protected ZIP Archives like this:









In the Archives are not the Basefolders (eg in Maps.zip is only the File "start.map" without any folders).


And now the MarbleGame.exe doesnt run and output the Message:


Initializing Lua...

Warning: Lua sandboxing disabled.

Executing file "E:/MarbleGame/Scripts/Error.lua"

Error: Failed to read file "E:/MarbleGame/Scripts/Error.lua".

Executing file "E:/MarbleGame/Scripts/Main.lua"

Error: Failed to read file "E:/MarbleGame/Scripts/Main.lua".

Error: Failed to execute script "Scripts/Main.lua".




Whats wrong, please?

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Why not just publish the project? It will be zipped up and encrypted automatically.

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Hi Josh,


I will write my own startsequence with a Video at the Gamestart, Loadingscreens on Mapchanges and other things in C++ (for my Games, this is a Test).


Best regards,


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It will still work.


I can confirm this. I also use C++ and load assets like model = Model::Load("./Models/model.mdl"). After publishing your game, all of your assets are in a zip and password protected.

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