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Bad Water Reflections with Vegetation System


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In the most recent beta if you create a vegetation layer and have water in your scene the water reflections will be distorted. I took before and after screenshots to show what "distorted" means.


Before (Without Vegetation) - post-10578-0-02270800-1450668248_thumb.jpg


After (With Vegetation) - post-10578-0-87038700-1450668239_thumb.jpg

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After looking more into this I found that it is specifically the Billboards that are creating this issue.

I have grass and rock vegetation layers that don't use billboards as well as a bush layer that uses billboards. When I get rid of the bush layer the issue goes away.

Also I noticed that most of the time the reflections don't get distorted but the reflections do always get darker and I'm not sure if that's intended.


Before (with bush vegetation layer) - post-10578-0-90839100-1450742854_thumb.jpg


After (without bush vegetation layer) - post-10578-0-06830900-1450742860_thumb.jpg

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