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This morning I started up a fresh "Advanced First-Person Shooter" project. After the "07-AI and Events.map" was loaded and then ran, immediately an error was generated:


Script Error
error in function 'SetCollisionType'.
argument #3 is 'boolean'; '[no object]' expected.
Line 90


Is anyone else producing this error?

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If the following two line are removed then it runs as expected:




When I first applied this to a zombie model, on a separate map, it ran backwards to attack, but "07-AI and Events.map" seems to work normally.

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Like Aggror mentioned, just remove the boolean from those commands (true/false) or just update your project and it will work properly.


As for the zombie model running backwards, what is the direction that the model faces when selected in the scene? If it's not facing towards its local +Z axis, then you have to adjust the 'character angle' in its Physics properties panel. Look at the crawler for reference and you will see the character angle is set to 180 because the crawler faces its local -Z axis.

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It would seem that the "mdl" runs backwards, but the "prefab" operates as expected. blink.png Anyway, once I removed the code that I mentioned above, everything works fine. Not sure how beta code slipped its way into this build. Perhaps I will "Verify Integrity" to make sure everything is above board.

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