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After playing around in Blender and importing some creations into Leadwerks I noticed I was getting some really bad scaling issues.


I like working on the grid when creating my game art and I also like predictable results when exporting models from my 3D package over to a game engine, scale is important!


I have adjusted my settings in Blender to work with Leadwerks and now when I import my models they are the correct size and scale and there is no messing around with getting the right size in Leadwerks.


I would like to share my Blender settings to other users who want to model in Leadwerks units inside Blender to make sure they get predictable results when importing game art in to the engine.


Blender Startup & Prefs.rar


Once you have downloaded these settings I would recommend you to go to File > Save Startup File. This will make sure that each time you load up Blender you don't have to load the start up file in the above zipped folder.


Once you have loaded the startup file the grid in Blender will be the exact same size as the grid in Leadwerks. This is great for snapping and will give you very predictable results. The measurements in the startup file are also the same exact measurements Leadwerks uses so a 256 x 256 cm CSG cube in Leadwerks will be the same size as a 256 x 256 cm cube model in Blender.


I use the Leadwerks Exporter for Blender when exporting my models.


You can find this here: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/10246-official-leadwerks-exporter-for-blender/


I would recommend before exporting your models from Blender to select whatever model you are exporting and press CTRL + A and choose 'Rotation & Scale' and CRTL + A again to choose 'Location'. This will zero out those transforms of your model. If you have models with specific rotations or scale that you would want to keep then don't do this, same applies for animated models.


I hope you find this useful. It should help get predictable results and stop any nasty surprises when you bring in your model from Blender to Leadwerks and see it is super huge or really small.


I will do a short video soon showing how this all works smile.png

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I am hoping we can get this pinned in the Game Art section of the forums. That way people can just grab it and not have to search or figure it out in Blender.


For pivot placement it works awesome too because everything is the correct size in Leadwerks it makes it really easy to have your models origin anywhere you want, great for snapping biggrin.png

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After Exporting a prefab object from Leadwerks to Blender, I found that the scale size in both programs are the same. When you use the default FBX exporter it will automatically scale up your objects by 10x. So with that being said.


In the FBX exporter settings that shows up upon export to the left hand side of your screen, check the box that says Selected Objects next to it.

Then set the scale to .01. that's it.


hope this helps those that don't want to leave the default interface.




you're right! :)

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Decided to post this here to avoid making new topics.


I am trying to export a model with multiple animation tracks on multiple armatures. The setup looks like this:

blendersetup-4f0193.pngAs you can see, the file has three armatures and two empties that act as IK points.

The problem i have is that leadwerks seems to make multiple animation tracks combining these, but never all of them. I get tracks with just animations from the armature, some with armature with the hands and some with armature and the IK points, but it doesn't seem to like to make an animation where it would run animations so that i would have the weapon, arms and fingers moving all at once.

The leadwerks exporter doesn't like the set-up at all, it just exports the first animation strip from "armature"

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