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Flashlight Problem

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Hello, I currently have tested my game on multiple computers. I have everything working properly although on every PC I have tested besides mine the flashlight does not work properly. The light displays on the enemy AI models but not the walls in the game. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Not seen this but suggest some very obvious troubleshooting ideas that you may well have tried.

  1. Make sure the build output works on your machine, not just running the build from within Leadwerks.
  2. Try building the default FPS template project (because I think that has a torch in it too right) and run the OUTPUT of that on yours and the other machines.


My only thoughts so far are that maybe something is not going into the build to define the torch light, or that the other machines are using build in GPU perhaps?


More info is probably required. You could put a link to a build you've uploaded somewhere and others (with machines that presumably run Leadwerk builds OK) can download and see if the torch light shows.


Not much info to suggest much else, given my knowledge anyway.

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