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How to make a door open by more than 1 switch?

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I'm in the process of making my first game, so i went to Leadwerks and started creating things.

The problem comes when I want to make that a door opens when 2 pressure plates are activated.


So, i wrote this code to create a "switch" that requires 2 inputs to output a signal to the door (in the flowgraph editor), but it doesn't work...


function Script:Start()

bool1 = false

bool2 = false




function Script:Input1() --in

bool1 = true




function Script:Input2() --in

bool2 = true



if (bool1 == true and bool2 == true) then




what i'm doing wrong? i'm very new in programming

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1st I'd say your bool1 and bool2 are global variables and you don't want to do that. Add self. to them. Next I'd say where are you doing that if check? It's outside of any function. Ideally you'd make a function in that script and check call it inside both Input1() and Input2().

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