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Christian Clavet

Little issue with the MERC character from the workshop (easy to fix)

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Hi, I've seen a simple issue that I would like to report, but I don't think that would go as a BUG REPORT per se.


I've seen a little issue with the MERC character, is that simply in the template, the character shadow is set as static and his weapon the same. Changing the shadow setting break the template. A simple tweak would need to be done to the template.


Another issue was that I was finding that he was moving too fast for my taste, and did not have option to change the speed but was quickly adjusted that by adding the options in the LUA script.


This character is really more useful to me than the monster to test stuff. I really like it!

EDIT: I've simply changed the shadow from the MERC and the M4A1 object to dynamic shadow. That fixed the issue and then I saved back the "merc" in the scene view as a new prefab.

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