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Drop weapon / remove weapon

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hi all having a little trouble with removing / drop a weapon. basically i would like my player to walk through a trigger and have it remove the weapon so player no longer has the weapon if that makes sense.


i have tried attaching weapon pickup lua to a invisible box with a blank prefab but to no avail






above is the project link test.rar


thank you in advance


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This is roughly how I do it.

// Place in Start() function for instance caching
Entity* leftHand = playerModel->FindChild("LeftHand_OrWhateverMyModelSays");
// Wielding
Model* leftHandItem = Model::Load("SomePath")
leftHandItem ->SetParent(leftHand);
// Unwielding
leftHandItem ->SetParent(NULL);
// DELETE if not using again!

// Place in Start() function for instance caching
self.leftHand = playerModel:FindChild("LeftHand");
// Weidling
self.leftHandItem = Model:Load("SomePath");
// Unweild
// DELETE if not using again!


Btw I think your map is missing some details.


It doesn't contain any player object.


Are you using the FPSPlayer.lua script for your player?

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Hi Marty j , thanks for your reply yep i am using the fpsplayer.lua script for player , so i pasted the script you gave me in the fps player.lua im not sure if i got it totaly right as i get this error





also there are no childen in the fps player model ? i s this what you mean when you say there is no player object ? so i cant choose to findchild lefthand


sorry pretty newb at script , thank you for your help

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The error is caused by using c++ style comments // in Lua. Replace those // with --.

Regarding the player object. It's the object you attached the script to.

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thanks Roland now i get this







not sure if this helps but this is what i had in my head was to change the FPSplayer.lua so i could enable / disable weapon






again sorry newb at script

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The player model is the entity the script is attached to, so it would be self.entity:FindChild. I'm at my phone now so I can't give any more detailed help.

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thanks for your help Roland but im not sure where to change the script would









also the FPSplayer model has no children in the scene tab ?

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If you look at the Script:AddWeapon() function, basically you've got to reverse what that does:

function Script:AddWeapon(weapon)
if weapon.index==nil then
if self.weapons[weapon.index]==nil then
	self.weapons[weapon.index].player = self 
	if self.weapons[weapon.index].rotation~=nil then
	if weapon.index>self.currentweaponindex then self:SelectWeapon(weapon.index) end
	if self.sound.pickupweapon~=nil then self.sound.pickupweapon:Play() end
	return true
return false

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sorry guys just total newb when it comes to script super keen to learn just need some help here

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ok guys all thanks for your help , big thanks to the living legend Paul Thomas who totally got this sorted, mate you are a bloody champion.


here is script for fps player.lua if you want to do the same.






Paul Thomas living legend

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