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Calculation of text scaled down to fit inside a rectangle (postrender)

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I want to make a password pad to put in some numbers.

The attached picture is what it looks now, at a resolution of 1080 p. (for 1920 p the green text fits in properly)




But as you can see the text is not scaled with the window, so how do I make it right?

I can get the top left and bottom right of the screen as x,y vectors, but how do i calculate that the text always is inside of it ?

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I have decided to scale the font in percentage compared to the default size where the numbers are lining up.

it looks like this now : (it is the fastes way i could think of so its not optimized)


local windowres=Window:GetCurrent():GetWidth()

local optimFontSize= 65

local difference=0

if windowres~=1920 then --then it calculates optimal font resolution

System:Print(tostring("Calculating font optimized for Screen Resolution : "..windowres))


if windowres < 1920 then

difference = 1920-windowres


difference = windowres -1920



if difference~=0 then

optimFontSize = (100*difference)/1920

System:Print(tostring("Font is being Scaled (in %) : "..optimFontSize))


--optimFontSize is the percentage to add or decrease the font size




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I've been thinking about this for my UI library. It's an awkward problem that I've not found a perfect solution for but this might work for your use case.The following function will determine a font height so that it will fit in a box defined by w and h. It will start with the font at max size, if the text goes beyond the defined width, it will reduce the font size to fit.


It loads a font every time you call it so I would call it only when text changes.


function FontFit(fontpath, text, w, h)
local font = Font:Load(fontpath, h)

textwidth = font:GetTextWidth(text)
if textwidth > w then
 return h * (w / textwidth)
 return h


An example of loading a font that will fit some_text that will fit in an area of 100x30

local FontHeight = FontFit("Fonts/arial.ttf", some_text, 100, 30)
local font = Font:Load("Fonts/arial.ttf", FontHeight)

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