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Add Load Lua Scripts in C++ version Official and Network Commands

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hi everyone ! I would suggest that added commands to C ++, I would can add scripts LUA in an entity whatever I define for a command, example> I created a simple box, I can link a script LUA in the box with a command like ( entity:loadScript (EntityID, "LUASCRIPTPATH")wink.png or something like this smile.png .....


and also like that added commands to connect to a server (TCP or UDP) and receive messages > string, integer and float and too send messages > string , integer and float.... would be very useful !



thanks by attention smile.png

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There is Entity->SetScript(string). I use it all the time, and the bulletdecal script uses it. You can also just make a "C++ Script" class too.


Networking isn't officially supported, but a lot of people got Multiplayer games to work.

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