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Incorrect Animation Frame Drawing

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model_path = "G:/342/fff/Models/Characters/Crawler/crawler.mdl";

model = Model::Load(model_path);

model->SetAnimationName(1, "Run");

std::cout << "Animation: " << model->GetAnimationName(1);

anim = 42;

std::cout << "*******animname***: " << model->animationname[1];

model->SetAnimationFrame(Time::GetCurrent() / 100.0, 1, 1, 1);



Here's a problem: animation draws incorrectly, somebody knows how to fix it?



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I didn't even recognize him. Can you paste a small runnable example? I don't see anything wrong there, although you do not need to call model->Update().

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Here how it looks before animation starts, and after it becomes like I posted upper. I think somthing wrong with context sync or blend mode, but none of it helps. Runnable example means post here .exe?


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Your problem likely has nothing to do with animation but I can't tell anything without a code sample.

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