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Water Problem


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In the top half of the picture you can see a Water material "inexpensive water" from the workshop,

in the lower half you can see the built in Water mode.


I have the problem that the reflection in the water mode looks very strange, same as the Water material.

How to disable the reflections or make thw Water material the right way ? with the environment probes ?

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The water plane or my water material? One requires a shader edit, and the other requires making the spectacular value black.

Hm, I am not sure how to do that. If I wanted to make the water look like the screenshot of your workshop Item , what exactly should I do ? Also, late reply bc Im working on some 3D models.

Would appreciate if you could share the material and the related resources.

It should still be in the workshop, try advanced searching by selecting " all items" in the type selection in workshop browser

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