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I bought LE years ago, at the time when C++ was more "advertised". Then I left and now I decided to have a look again. So I have a few questions:

- When will VS2015 be supported?

- Are you planning to do more C++ tutorials?

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1. Probably soon.

2. Besides the basics of using C++ with Leadwerks, probably not. Other than a few things about Leadwerks, there's not really much for me to write about that isn't out there already. Things like implementing a third-party library are just too open-ended to document.

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I had a trouble with this back when LE was just on VS2012 and I was using VS2013 so it is the same story. You can use VS2015 IDE just set your compiler settings to VS2013 and it works.


But really I'm using LE because have the best C++ API I have seen very clean. Im not so fan of scripting languages beside javascript for web development so I do not use Lua but all the way C++ with some C++11 or C++14 features is awesome. I wish there would be more tutorials in C++ and LE.

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