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Any blender or fbx "player weapon" models available


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I am trying to customize a FPS weapon model and find that it's not quite as easy as I thought due to needing to edit the actual original "player weapon" model. In this example, I tried putting my custom "weapon" onto the vwep machete.pfb prefab. It almost works...




But as you can see, looks a bit odd with the original weapon sticking out as well. Otherwise, the animation works surprisingly well actually.


So I'm hoping someone out there has some similar fbx or blend files that I can use to create custom weapons. I'd also probably want to customize actual gun weapons but I'm working on the melee type for now.

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Well the issue is more about the hands. I want to have matching hands that will not look significantly different, or different at all really, from those in the FPS Weapons package that I got on the workshop. I guess it goes back to wishing the source files were part of the Workshop packages, as this sort of means I can't really use any of those assets if I want a consistent look between them and anything custom I come up with.


Also, I'm just not very good at organic modeling... and it's been a long time since I animated anything. Animating the pole itself might not be too hard, but arm movement, ugh... it seems like a waste of time when it's been done so many times by people so much better at it. The fishing pole isn't fully custom either, just tweaked a bit from an asset I found on a blender website.




Yeah I am using shadmar's effects package and daynight cycle, really neat stuff.

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Two great tutorial videos for people who want to do custom FPS weapons:




The guy frames these as being about getting assets ready for Unity, but this should also work in Leadwerks.


The arms are made using the open source MakeHuman project, which also looks like an awesome way to make actual fully rigged characters.

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