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3ds max to leadwerks 2.3 or 2.5

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Hello everyone,


I ve got an old project (a pushback vehicle simulator). I want to change the airport map to another one.

First things first, i wanted to export a model from 3ds max to leadwerks. However exported fbx or obj files need to be converted to gmf files as it says on the forums.

As i read more i found out that i need to use a tool to convert those files.




in above link "arbuz" posted a 3ds max plugin which automates the process. I buyed another license ( i dont know where to old licenses are) just to log in and download this. But when i logged in via steam, i found out that the link is dead proly because now 4.1 is live and no one else is using this tool.


To sum up, i am using leadwerks 2.3/2.5 and i am in need of a workaround for converting objects(which are created in 3ds max) to gmf files.


and also i want to get an advice for the following as well. What changed 2.3 to 4.1. I mean we have a working system using leadwerks 2.3 now, can we use the physics, codes,etc to build the same thing in 4.1?

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LE4 is a completely different engine from LE2.3. While a lot of the LE4 API is very similar to the older API, the editor interface is completely redone.


If for whatever reason you are wanting to stick with LE2.3 (as there are some things available there that are not available in LE4), then my suggestion for you is to purchase Ultimate Unwrap 3D for converting model files to GMF (the UU3D plugin will be listed as Leadwerks MDL but gives the option to save to GMF). But if you want to convert your project to an engine that is supported, I think you will find that LE4 has a more user-friendly editor and workflow than what was available for LE2.3.

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First of all, thank you all for your responses.




I dont have any particular reason to use 2.3 for my work other than i jsut guessed a lot should ve been changed from 2.3 to 4.1 So using the older project's version (2.3) should be easier.

However i couldnt find a proper workaround to just change the models on the map yet.


I already bought 4.1 version 2 days ago, looked around and immediately noticed a more user friendly viewport. Do you think implementing the old (2.3) DDS, IOS, physics etc to 4.1 is easier? Can one just use the same (or very similar) code lines to make it work on 4.1?


@Josh and @diedir

thank you ver much for the links.

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