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Transform:Point() Bug?

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I am not 100% sure if this is a bug, but the Transform:Point() function has a weird behavior for me. If it is my mistake then I am sorry and would also be glad if it can be sovled easily.


This is the code I have:


local direction = Transform:Point(0, 0, 10, self.entity:FindChild(0), nil)


I use it for an NPC, that he is able to pick objects in the world. But my code didnt work so I tried to find the problem. After placing a small box at the "direction" vector I found out that it isnt at the transformed point, other than this it remains at the entity it should be transformed to (the "self.entity:FindChild(0)").


After that I tired to make the "Transform" function work seperatly from my npc, for testing purpose. I created a pivot and an other pivot attached to the first one. The parent pivot has the following script:


function Script:Start()
local direction = Transform:Point(0, 0, 10, self.entity:GetChild(0), nil)
local model = Model:Box(0.05,0.05, 0.05)


The direction seems to be the same as the entitys position, no matter what Vector I set in the "Transform" function (for example: local direction = Transform:Point(964, 0, 66, self.entity:GetChild(0), nil)). It does not move, but if I put the exact same code, and pivots into another project it works??


And the raycasting of my player, which is in the same scene and project, works as well. However, I also tried it creating a new map in my project but doesnt seem to work. The player has the following code for the direction:


local direction = Transform:Point(0, 0, self.useDistance, self.entity:GetChild(0), nil)
--self.entity:GetChild(0) is the "player eye" a pivot infront of the player


Sorry if it is my fault, but I just dont know why it doesnt work, without reason???



After some more testing I found out that setting the Transform option to the following:

Transform:Point(Vec3(0, 0, 999999), self.entity:GetChild(0), nil)

just works. The local space of the object seems to be extemley "sensitive". But why is this?


EDIT2 (Solution):

After like hours of finding the error I found it -.- I was because my npc models scale was 0.001 and not 1.0, I didnt collapsed the model in the model editor. And the Eye pivots scale was 0.001 as well. I am not sure if this is a bug or not? But I guess the local position of an object should not change, depending of its scale or am I wrong???

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The local position will change based on scale. This is a good example of how explaining a problem to someone else can often cause you to figure out the solution. I do this all the time.

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