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Hey guys,


Yet another issue I'm faced with, and is probably real simple to accomplish but I can't seem to understand how to do it.


How do I add a Post-Processing shader to my work? Not a single model, but to the entire level?


Thanks in advance!

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Ah, champion! Thanks heaps mate.


Now the question is, is there a particular order that works best for shaders when you have more than 1?

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Shadmar made most (if not all?) of the post-processing shaders in the pack on the Workshop, so he would know best. I think you just organize them by number (lowest number being the first, etc.). But Thirsty Panther is right about experimenting because I've sometimes felt that different orders worked better.


A few tips though:

-Use SSAO as one of the first shaders

-Use fog after SSAO but before everything else

-Use SSLR as one of the last shaders

-Use color-based shaders last (i.e., grayscale)

-Use depth of field last


IDK where to put bloom and a few others though.

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