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Model in FBX excited Leadwerks Editor does not import the animation.

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I looked in the previous post a solution to this , but not found .

My problem is this , I created a simple model in Autodesk 3dsmax it contains a simple animation ,

saved as FBX animation , however this animation is not loaded in Leadwerks , what is happening ?

The link to solution of the problem leads to import and animation of a model with a larger sequence of animation.

My model is simple and Leadwerks model editor does not appear the animation created in 3dsmax .


Excuse my English , use the Google translator, thank you!



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I believe this is because Leadwerks only supports bone-based animations.


There are no bones in your model. The animations are just transformations on child entities.

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martyj is correct - LE needs key framed animated bones. Your modeling program probably has the ability to perform that. If not, then you can use something like Ultimate Unwrap 3D that will convert those to key framed animations for the bones, as shown in the attachment:



But your model leaves a lot to be desired. Each component is a separate submesh resulting in ~90 meshes in this one model. The only things moving are cylinder 6 & cylinder 7. So the engine will need to iterate through all 90+ meshes for rendering/animating.I would suggest trying one of two ways to make this model:

1) Collapsing the model in your modeling program so that every thing other than two rotating cylinders are one mesh and just animate the two cylinders only

2) Collapse the base into just one model and the two cylinders into separate models. Do not use animation at all and just combine the parts using a lua script. In the lua script, also perform the rotation of the two cylinders.

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For mechanical objects like this, I don't recommend implementing animation at all. Just make sure the moving part is a separate subobject and add a script to rotate it in code.

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Like Josh, stated attach a script to windmill blades (needs to a subobject).


Something like this (Haven't tested it) gives you also more control on the rotation speed instead of setting an animation speed.

Script.turnSpeed = Vec3(1,0,0) --Vec3 "TurnSpeed"
function Script:UpdateWorld()
 var correctTurnSpeed = self.turnSpeed*Time:GetSpeed()

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