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Major unsolvable bug in Level Generator


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this script will make a level with boxes, and spawns a camera with :


this script attached.


When you press the E key, it will generate a new level

Everything should make no error, but there is a problem.

The "player" spawns in the middle of the level , (most of the time)

and once I even had some blocks with no colission at all.

The level is generated towards any directiom (-x,x,y,-y...)

but mostly not in the direction the player is facing,

which makes even more problems.


I have no idea at all why these things happen. Maybe the solution is easy but I dont see it.

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So if you want to know your first and last block, and make sure ones at one end, and the others at the other end.


Do something where you'd randomize the X and Z positions of each block (left/right, up/down) BUT for the Y axis, calculate the next block's position based on the (blockCount * distancePerBlock) then you'll know it keeps moving in one direction.


(You can even add slight random offsets to the Y position after you do the (blockCount * distancePerBlock) calculation to determine the next blocks y-axis position.)


Otherwise you're just looking for the block in the furthest direction each way.. there's no guarentee blocks won't spawn in each other and that you'll be-able to get across them.


Edit: I forward in LE the Y axis is up/down and Z is forward/back for some odd reason. (Turns out I just live under a shell and this is pretty common in games.)


Untested and not-very thought through but heres an example showing what I'd do:



In the future you may even want to make the offset's scale based on the 'box' size and what not just so you can have a really dynamic, easily customization obstacle generator.

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