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Hi Guys,


I am trying out the new Environment Probes but I am getting some issues. My material seems to look incredibly shiney when I place an Environment Probe into my scene.




The bounding box for the Environment Probe is wall to wall and floor to ceiling just on the interior faces of the walls.


Here is a shot without the Environment Probe, the material looks much less shiny, it behaves as I intended.




I'm not to sure what the problem is. I thought the new Environment Probes were just for Global Illumination and not reflections, which is what it seems to be doing.


Am I going wrong somewhere?


Thanks :D

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You can either adjust the specular color of the material or adjust the specular color of the probe itself.


Probes handle both GI and reflections (which are really the same thing). The probe's diffuse color will control the strength of the GI (blurry) reflections, while the specular color controls the intensity of the sharp shiny reflections.

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