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Hi, i don't think leadwerks is the engine your looking for, it may very well be possible to make an mmo in leadwerks but you would need to know lua and c++ but as far as i know networking isn't supported in itself so you would need to program all the networking from scratch using c++.


The main reason i say leadwerks may not be for you is because you are looking for a visual scripting program which leadwerks is not, the flow graph system is not a replacement for scripting in leadwerks but rather a tool to make it easier to use your scripts together and on multiple entities, the flowgraph editor doesn't allow for you to drag and drop functions to make a script but rather you drag a script you have already created into it.


As for gui you would need to code it all like anything else in leadwerks, currently there is no built in library for gui so that makes things more difficult because you have to code it all yourself but a library for gui is in the works by josh i believe.


I hope this helps answer your question.

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