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Crawler's Den is a short experimental demo that was made just in the nick of time for the Summer Games Tournament 2016! This demo is a recreation of the AI and Events map of the SDK, however, the entire project was written in C++, and had it's connections made via Lua scripting thanks to LEX2's puppeteer class.





This demo showcases:

  • 4.1's visual enhancements. (Probe reflections, volumentric lighting)
  • A map in which all game classes are written in C++.
  • The LEX2 Template which allowed for in-game debugging, and smoother development.

Known Bugs (Things I couldn't fix before the deadline:

  • The animation manager has a hiccup switching from a non-looping animation to a looping animation. You might see crawler's glide after they attack.
  • It's sometimes hard to press buttons using E. Not sure what's causing this, Sometimes it works fine, other times you have to press E all around the button.

If you notice anything else weird, let me know, I can't say I'd patch it, but it's good to know of problems going forward.


Although it's not perfect, this demo had a goal of stress testing LEX2 seeing what in the template needed improvement or not needed at all. This project made me think about what I want to do with this going forward, but I'll write a blog post about that.


I'd like to thank CrazyCarpet and Mattline1 for their help. Crazy helped me with vectrors and math, while Matt made the input system which will allow plug and play XInput support in the future. Thanks guys!



(Note, it's on my Google Drive because I got a permission error when I went to upload it to the database. I hope this can still qualify.. :/ )




Click here to view the game


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