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FPSPlayer No movement but sound

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Hi All


I admit I am a newbie to Leadwerks so apologies if my question is trivial. I have tried searching the Forums for an answer.


I have the Pro version of Leadwerks and am using it mostly as a learning tool. I do have some long term aspirations for a research project that may require the use of the engine. I have therefore only dabbled and am learning Lua script from a recently purchased book at the same time. I am finding the engine very versatile and great fun. I have been working through Jon Theunissen's excellent Youtube tutorials on Lua scripting.


When I make a small map I want to drop the FPSPlayer into the scene to test it. I generally start a new project from the project manager. When I drop the FPSPlayer from the Assets/prefab/player folder onto the scene and press the Run button to test, I do get the walking sound but no movement. I have checked the FPSPlayer is present in the Scene/Models tab and the script is set to 'FPSPlayer.lua' Something is obviously working since I do get the walking sound but I cannot move or rotate the camera. What am I doing wrong?. Again apologies for such a trivial question but I am stuck.


Thanks in advance

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I am certainly not aware that I have a camera. I haven't placed one myself and I am not seeing a camera object. Might I have a corrupt file in my install ? I have had a look at the Lua script for FPSPlayer but its very long and somewhat beyond me at present. I have considered deleting and reinstalling Leadwerks ?

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Not trying to sound like a broken record, but this really does sound like you have a camera in your scene, in which case your camera would stay put because of course, the main camera that's being used isn't actually moving... and yes you would still hear the footsteps of the character controller.


Keep in mind that a default scene you create by pressing "New" has a camera in it already, delete it if you haven't already. Look closely because this would perfectly re-create the situation you're describing.


You should have no cameras in your scene tree, FPSPlayer.lua creates it's own.

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First let me say thank you for the nice replies. It is always awkward to be the newbie. The suggestions are correct and I will just post this clarification in case another newcomer in the future experience the same problem:


When you start a new project from File/project manager and save it with whatever name you choose, and assuming the project is an 'Advanced First-Person shooter' (this may be true for some other settings but I have not tested it), the editor opens a map automatically called start.map (under 'The name you chose'/Maps/Start.map. This map has two boxes and presumably, as other people have suggested a camera. I deleted the boxes and started to create my own content, only as I mentioned the FPSPlayer does not work in this map. You need to ignore the map and go to File/new which opens a plank map that can then be saved with whatever name. In this map the FPSPlayer does work as planned because it is devoid of any pre-set content (including the dreaded camera)


I missed this point when I first started, leading to some head scratching. Apologies if the problem was trivial to experienced users but should someone else be as thick as I was, at least there is a solution in the Forum now.


Thank you. Now onto some creative modelling/building.

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