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Looking for a team


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Hi guys, i am back to Leadwerks!


Many months (years!?!?) ago i was a Leadwerks user, now i am back again and i would like join for a HUGE project.

My name is Johnny and i am a full time programmer, i have some free time atm and i really want give to Leadwerks engine a great game!


Is there any community project or other kind of project in development?

Let me know ASAP!



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I know about last community project, i was looking for something similar.


I did a lots of game, so is not easy describe "my skills", i love AI, but i work for a small software house (10 persons) so most of the time i need to do many things.. (Gameplay, Ai, Ui, etc..)


My known languages are:

C++, Java, C#, Ue4 (Blueprints), Basic, Blitz, Js


You can also check my linkedin profile:


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You might have good results forming a team for the winter tournament. The game tournaments are fairly short (one month) and have a definite deadline, so they are very good at getting people to release finished games.

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I would love to work on a larger project in Leadwerks again, but time is not really on my side right now. I am in the middle of moving to a new house. However, after settling I would love to start a new project again. We would require 1 or more artists as well though. If you are interested I will PM you some details.

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Well as all of us still have a life, i can surely understand your needs!

Honestly speaking i did not use leadwerks forum since a while so i don't know most of the users..

My goals is fulfill my free time with some interesting project, so of course let me know anything about that.

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