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In visual studio and visual studio code I like to use the dark theme. In the leadwerks script editor I can do a similar thing for most of the things but not the titlebars. Is this possible to do somewhere?Attached is the style I am using btw.





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When I use dark theme the window bars stay white. As a matter of fact, the windows dark theme setting doesn't affect the any of the colors in Leadwerks at all. All the dark colors you see in the screenshot from the first post are from the color settings in Leadwerks itself.



High contrast options look really ugly in my opinion



I am more trying to get the result as in visual studio dark theme.


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I have reuploaded the zip. The clr file is in the zip and can be placed in C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Leadwerks\UI


oftopic: faultyy zip might be because of the error I received on the forum. That seems to happen now and then.


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