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Project Title on Title Bar of Editor

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Hi Josh, I thought this would be handy. I find myself having to check the project's name by going to File > Project Manager all the time to check if I'm using the correct project files, it's simple but takes more clicks than necessary as oppose reading the title bar. Small addition but very helpful I think.





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it already does this i thought, maybe its different based on os or version of leadwerks your using but for me it says up top "Leadwerks Editor 4.1 - C:\Users\*name*\Documents\Leadwerks\Projects\*Poject name*\Maps\*map name*, as you can see it says the project name and map your currently loaded on but like i said maybe this depends on os and version.

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It depends on if you have saved the current scene as a map or have loaded a saved map, then it will show that (at least in Windows).

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