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Realtime Playing/Editing

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So I've wanted this feature in an engine for a really long time, it's just a very difficult task.


It would be nice if Leadwerks could have the ability to modify the map then immediately play the game without having to run a separate application. If you could "pause" your game logic in editing mode, then resume to test out new features.


I think the phrasing would be seamless integration.


Lua code would be easy to reload into the engine, whereas with C++ you would have to use calls like dlopen http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man3/dlopen.3.html to reload compiled binaries. This may be come easier with the C++ Action Class.



I could modify my game to support this, but I would require the ability save a Map out. It would be nice to also toggle Leadwerks UI elements such as the Assets pane, or terrain editing.



At least for me, it would save a ton of time to not have to reload the game to test a feature. I spend a lot of time in my loading screen.

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I really wish the map was in text form. It would open up more doors for us making functionality, like this. This would be cool and scripts that have syntax errors or runtime errors would just be ignored so the game can keep running but of course tells us of the error.


Not holding my breathe but it would be cool.

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Leadwerks 2 actually ran object scripts as you were editing. It was a disaster. :D

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@josh. I wouldn't expect object scripts to be ran in edit mode, but to pause all execution of them, edit the map, then resume the scripts when the editing is finished.

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Leadwerks 2 actually ran object scripts as you were editing. It was a disaster. biggrin.png


I blame shoddy error handling for that :)

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