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Looking for an FPS player prefab...

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Would like to begin by thanking Josh for all the support I've seen from him on other topics. I've been looking for a way to walk through the game world I've created but I can't seem to be able to find an FPS player prefab. I would think that something simple would be available in the original content. I've tried using a crawler but adding the FPS player script and setting the mass to 10, physics mode to character controller and collision type to character isn't working. The controls bring up nill errors implying that I'm missing controller commands in my script. However I cant imagine that being the case when I've not edited any script for my game yet. I'm guessing the information attached to the crawler is not compatible with the FPS player script ...how might I go about solving this issue?

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When you created your project, did you choose the FPS Template or did you choose the Blank Project? If you chose the Blank Project, it will not have the player prefab as its a blank project.


If you create a new project and select the FPS template, then you will find the fps player prefab in the Assets folder location: 'Prefabs/player/FPSPlayer.pfb'


EDIT -- another way to do it if you already have a fps template project but want the player prefab in the blank project, just copy the required files via windows explorer into the blank project.




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