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Sanity check/question about a lesson...

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For this lesson here:



I want to see if I'm understanding something right. Though the lesson is about loops (which I do understand) I'm particularly interested in the bits about creating a Window and then a Context (which I'm not sure I understand).




--Create a window

window = Window:Create()


--Create a rendering context

context = Context:Create(window)


--While loop

while window:KeyHit(Key.Escape)==false do


--Set the drawing color and clear the screen




--Set the drawing color and blend mode




--Draw some text onscreen

context:DrawText("PRESS ESCAPE TO END THE PROGRAM.",2,2)


--Update the screen






So, in this example, are we creating a Window which is then identified as 'window' - and then the Window ('window') is being assigned as the Context or "focus" of the following instructions?


So, using 'context:SetColor(0,0,0) would be the same as using window:SetColor(0,0,0)?


Am I understanding that right?


If so (or even if not), why would the line:

while window:KeyHit(Key.Escape)==false do


not be:

while context:KeyHit(Key.Escape)==false do




Or is hitting the Escape Key something that can only refer directly to 'window' as that relates directly to the actual Window, and not to 'context', since that relates to the variable 'window'?


Hopefully I explained that well lol.



Anyway, thanks!


Edit: Tried to place the code inside Code tags, but it ended up adding a ton of color tags.

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Context is more like your gfx context. That doesn't take input. A window takes input and handles it while a gfx context handles drawing stuff.

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