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Unable to launch Leadwerks

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I'm very new to Leadwerks and I'm not sure as to why whenever I try to launch Game Launcher or the Leadwerks Game Engine is that nothing is happening aside from a small steam pop up box telling me 'preparing first time setup installing Microsoft VC Redist?'



I bought the engine today since it was on sale



Computer Specifications:


2x8gb Kingston HyperX

GTX1060 3gb ddr5

Windows 7-64bit

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I have Windows 7-64 bit, I've done what you told me still same issue. any other fixes? I also tried uninstalling VC Redist 2015, just to be sure then reinstalled it, still the same. It will seem like steam is trying to launch it then nothing happens aside from my steam messenger stating that im 'In-App Leadwerks Game Engine' for like 3seconds then it will go back to status 'Online'

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Do you have the latest graphics drivers?


Check if openal is installed (just like redist C++, it is a dependency that steam should install). Possibly try installing it yourself again.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Leadwerks\_CommonRedist\OpenAL\


You can also check the log: C:\(User)\Documents\Leadwerks\Leadwerks.log

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