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Material ID

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Hi all guys,


i have a suggestion about materials in LE:


if a material can have a sort of ID ( a string for example ) that can be assigned in the editor and then used in a script or c++ code to quickly identify the material by coder without a path string manupulation.


For example using material "Materials\\Concrete\\concrete_clean.mat", ( if i don't mistake ) can be simplified into "concrete_clean" but first removing the path and then removing the extension.


With the user specified ID a material in c++ can be easly identified by using for example:


if ( pickinfo.surface->material->ID == "concrete" ( defined inLE editor ) ) {




This would be very useful for footsteps, bullet impact or other things..

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I think he means more of something like




instead of



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If the point of wanting this is to Id later in code for a check like in his example then what josh said should work. If the point is to be able to make one change to point to what a name is pointing to instead of finding and changing each loading of said code then what he's asking for makes sense. Does that come up often is the question. Often enough to warrant the code to set this up in the editor. Seems lower on the priority of things.

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