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Is CHM still supported on Windows?


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Yes i can still open chm files with nothing installed tried some files from Program Files.


I didnt seen/use chm files in long time but seem still supported like some form of offline documentation.


Dont like chm, pdf files are also supported.

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That's because it's downloaded from the net and Windows is blocking it automatically. It would not happen if distributed in Steam.


This is the contents I want. It's a near-linear list with more game templates added.



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We're going to do this in the following stages:

  1. All tutorials copied to HelpNDoc, tutorials link above will point to exported HTML files uploaded on server, editor tutorials help link pointed at new URL.
  2. API Reference added to HelpNDoc and added to same URL.
  3. Offline help made available in CHM on Windows and local HTML files on Linux / Mac.
  4. Maybe a printed version will be made available for sale. wub.png

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I would hope it was super accessible so you can highlight a keyword or method in IDE, hit F1 (or whatever), and it will take you to exactly the right place.


If you're looking at CHM then probably yes?


I personally do still use the CHM files in some software I have and certainly have occasions when I'm cursing a lack of internet for access to online docs.


As it seems you are thinking of both online and off then if they can be output from a single source so it's not a nightmare managing it (at least keeping it synched).


Here is my approach to finding online documentation in the absence of a good F1 on keyword assistance....


1) Go to root API web site - should be simple but people (like me?) are stupid and lazy and I'll forget the quickest way in the IDE and drop back to some habitual method to get there instead.

a) bring up desktop brower

b) click on address bar

c) type the FULL url in and do a GOOGLE(!) search

d) select either leadwerks main site or API site if you see it.

e) find yourself on the wrong page so do several more clicks and end up at the API....

2) Hit search tab

3) Type your search term

4) Hit Enter

5) Read the results

6) Try to determine which one is probably the right one (sometimes)

7) Click the link

8) Finally read the item


Exaggeration of course but to be honest I probably do LITERALLY ALL OF THE TIME smile.png


Should be

1) Double click method to highlight

2) Hit F1

3) Read 100% correct item for what you were on.


I've used other software (similar to leadwerks that worked well this way). Could be some downside? I didn't see any at the time.


Nice to see things moving forwards in this area.


I suppose we just need to make sure the examples are good as they were before and maybe even more of them with feedback from users (comments etc.).


Good stuff.

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This is what I want the organization to look like. There's just enough nesting to keep things oragnized, but it's still very easy to find your way around. There's no ambiguity on what you are supposed to read. The API reference is an alphabetical list of classes.


This could also be easily split up into a six week course.



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Also added an additional "Script Reference" section for explaining how the default scripts work and all their settings. This is going to be a nightmare to complete, but the results will be really good.

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Also added an additional "Script Reference" section for explaining how the default scripts work and all their settings. This is going to be a nightmare to complete, but the results will be really good.

But once you have this, documentation has been improved quite a bit. Great work.
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Microsoft Help/CHM is certainly still supported--I'm a tech writer and my firm is still using this format.

In its defence, it integrates with Visual Studio for context-sensitive help, it works offline and everything is packaged into a single file.

But there's really no good reason to continue with it--even if your criteria is offline support, you can create something far more sophisticated with HTML 5 and JavaScript. Programs like Jekyll or Hugo make this relatively straightforward.

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