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Window:Active() not working anymore?


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I've been using window:Active() to check if my game's window was active or not, to prevent the mouse from being locked in the center of the screen when alt-tabbing. Fired up leadwerks today and suddenly window:Active() is crashing my game with the message "attempt to call method 'Active' (a nil value)".


Has window:Active() been disabled/removed? And if so, is there another way to tell if my game has been alt-tabbed?

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I think, you should consider adding this to the API, as Herobot's use-case is quite a good example for the usefulnes of that function. I really hate it, when I alt-tab out of a game to change some setting and I can't because my mouse keeps jumping to the center of the screen. Also, there is relly not more to it than just comparing the output of "GetActiveWindow()" from the windows-API to "window->hwnd".

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