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Project OLED: Open Leadwerks Examples and Demo's project

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The Open Leadwerks Examples and Demo's (OLED) project is a community tutorial project for the Leadwerks Game Engine. The public repository contains all source code, materials, textures, models and sounds that are used and/or created in accompanying video tutorials.

The repository also contains a wiki that keeps track of all the tutorials. There won't be a single script out there that does not have a good tutorial available for it.



The tutorials that will be recorded are divided in to the following categories:

  • Editor usage 
  • Lua scripting
  • Asset importing


Youtube playlists

Video tutorials will be posted on a regular basis right after I am done editing. There is no fixed date for new tutorials. Sometimes there will be severall a week, other times a week or 2 passes without any updates.

  • :



The repository will exclude the default assets that come with a blank Leadwerks project. https://bitbucket.org/Aggror/projectoled



The wiki contains a list of categories and recorded tutorials.


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I have to subscribe to so many services just to learn the basics of this software. This has become to much.


Im sorry you feel this way but i don't see how that's true, there is the main tutorials on this website and then there is AggorJorn's youtube page and all of that is optional, every program out there has vast amounts of learning material to draw from and i don't see how that can be a negative because the more tutorials you watch/read the more you learn.

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I have to subscribe to so many services just to learn the basics of this software. This has become to much.


Well... you have to learn how to write at least one of the two programming languages used in Leadwerks to make games with it.

I don't see how Josh, (or any other engine developer) would make a way around that.... tongue.png


Although it's 2017 and technologies moving fast I don't think you'll be-able to make games without learning how to program and/or use your tool-set provided in the near future. Leadwerks has been making really big strides lately and is by far one of the easiest (if not the easiest) game engines to use imo.


Great tutorial set Aggror!

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I have to subscribe to so many services just to learn the basics of this software. This has become to much.

The official tutorials are here:



I do not have any control over what third parties create on their own. If you wish to read other content that other people write, that is your choice. It is not the official documentation for this software, and is not required to learn Leadwerks.

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I have to subscribe to so many services just to learn the basics of this software. This has become to much.

All the basics can be learned via the official tutorials. If you like watching videos you can search for them on youtube. Subscribing is not mandatory.


These are very useful tutorials Aggror. I've watched many of your previous youtube tutorials, they've all helped me solve a problem. Your approach is easy to understand for everyone which works best.

Thanks for the kind words.
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3 new tutorials on Lua basics:

Script properties:


Function parameters:



What did the lua programmer say when he became a member of the SWAT team?


function SwatGuy(clear)





I will be away from home for almost a week. So the next tutorials will be recorded somewhere next week at the earliest.

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Watched, couldn't listen where I was, but besides using global vars (NOOO but guessing you just aren't getting into 'self' at this point) Lua can return more than 1 variable from a function which I didn't see you show.


local a, b, c = GetABC()

function GetABC()
  return "a", "b", "c"

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The usage of global variables, scope and self is covered in previous tutorials. For the tutorial's sake I am using globals to keep the code as clean/simple as possible.

As for the multiple return values: there is no way I could have fit that in to the 5 minute video. Multiple variable returning has its uses but I doubt many beginners will use this. Personally I have never once found it useful to use multiple return values.

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