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Project OLED: Open Leadwerks Examples and Demo's project

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Virtual keys snippet moved to OLED project. https://bitbucket.org/Aggror/projectoled/src/master/Scripts/Input/input.lua

Youtube tutorial

Download the script and put it somewhere in your scripts folder. My example uses Scripts/Input/input.lua

I use main.lua to import it. Add this to your main lua: 

import "Scripts/Input/input.lua"

Before the main loop add the following:

input = Input:Create() -- I like input as a global variable, since you use it in many places
input:SetVirtualKey("RocketBoost", "Tab", "R") -- Add custom virtual key
input:DebugVirtualKeys() --prints all existing virtual keys to the screen

In your main loop you can now do these things:

if input:VirtualKeyHit("RocketBoost") then System:Print("ROCKETBOOOSTING using Tab or ALt") end
if input:KeyHit("E") then System:Print("E hit") end
if input:KeyHit("E") then System:Print("E hit second time") end
if input:KeyDown("Q") then System:Print("Q down") end
if input:MouseHit("LButton") then System:Print("Left mouse button click") end
if input:MouseDown("MButton") then System:Print("Middle mouse down") end
if input:VirtualKeyHit("Jump") then System:Print("jump hit") end
if input:VirtualKeyDown("Forward") then System:Print("moving forward using W or Up arrow") end

By default there are a couple of Virtual keys (just like you were used in Unity). You can either change the input.lua script or add/overwrite with the SetVirtualKeyCommand()

obj.virtualKeys["Forward"] =        { primaryKey = "W",         secondaryKey = "Up" }
obj.virtualKeys["Backward"] =       { primaryKey = "S",         secondaryKey = "Down" }
obj.virtualKeys["Left"] =           { primaryKey = "A",         secondaryKey = "Left" }
obj.virtualKeys["Right"] =          { primaryKey = "D",         secondaryKey = "Right" }
obj.virtualKeys["Jump"] =           { primaryKey = "Space" }
obj.virtualKeys["Use"] =            { primaryKey = "E" }
obj.virtualKeys["Fire"] =           { primaryKey = "Lbutton" }
obj.virtualKeys["SecondaryFire"] =  { primaryKey = "Rbutton" }
obj.virtualKeys["SpecialFire"] =    { primaryKey = "Mbutton" }

Some other usefull functions for in your game loop:

if input:Any() then System:Print("Any input detected. So keyboard or mouse.") end
if input:AnyKey() then System:Print("Any keyboard input.") end
if input:AnyMouse() then System:Print("Any mouse input detected (besides movement)") end


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