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(4.3) Child Entities Do Not Cast Shadows


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This is a bug that is found in the new update (4.3). Models with either "Dynamic" or "Static" never cast shadows if it has a parent. By removing the parent and have the model by itself, it casts shadows.


Sames goes for CSG brushes.


See screenshots:





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This is not new to this update. Children objects will use the parent's shadowmode settings. The pivot inherently has SetShadowMode set to Light.None. Set the pivot shadow mode to the appropriate setting for your child object and you will see the shadow.

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Everything was working fine before this update. After updating to 4.3 I am having this issue. I had made sure that the pivot or any parent entity had shadowmode set to "static" and child entities do not render shadows. The children entities are set to "static" too. I am able to recreate this issue if I had another model with "Static" shadows in place of the pivot. Two models, the parent casts shadows, but the child does not.

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This has come up before regarding child shadows, so its not new to this update. As for what you are showing above, I can have child shadows in the latest update and earlier versions if I set the parent shadow to something other than none.


The only thing I can think of is what you are seeing might be related to reeplue's bug post that the latest update isn't updating shadows in the editor: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/15713-shadow-update-editor-issues/ . Granted, I can not reproduce what he is describing.

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Good! I'm glad I am not the only one now! smile.png


It sounds Reepblue's issue was just with the editor, but not in-game. The problem is, my issue happens in-game too, not just the editor. I have a bunch of torches and other objects in my maps have parent entities. Before this update, they were working great, casting nice shadows. However, after this update, they do not cast shadows. So now everything looks flat.

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