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Substance Painter and 3D-Coat help please

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I use 3d coat to create models and do autotopo. But my models when imported to leadwerks came always black or grey. How do i export to leadwerks with success? Wich texture export options i have to use?wich maps?


When i use substance painter its the same thing, how do i make my models textured in leadwerks?wich texture options i export?wich maps?

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Export diffuse, normal and specular maps and set up material in Leadwerks. Keep in mind that if you are texturing with PBR shader in Substance Painter, then you don't have diffuse or specular maps, you can use albedo and roughness, but it won't look the same.

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There are ways to use PBR in Leadwerks if you use some specific shaders that others have written. I think there are 2 PBR implmentations, 1 I think aimed at Substance Designer.


Try here:



but someone else also did a separate implementation I believe. Should be something in the forum. I think that one might be out in GitHub or something rather than a workshop item.

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