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Do not collapse linked CSG brushes

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We have seen it many many times on the forum: People are linking a CSG bursh to another entity script, but the script fails on startup because the linked in entity is nil. The reason: the CSG brush does not have mass or an entity script attached and is being collapsed at the start of the scene for performance.



This 'collapsing' has caused a lot of headache for a lot of people. People often don't know that CSG collapses when the scene starts and what the result of this is. Also, the workaround for setting a mass or attaching a script is still unknown by a lot of people.


Since people are not aware of the technical reason of the CSG collapsing, I would say, make sure that linked CSG brushes are not collapsed. Even if they do not contain a script or have a mass.

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+1. If it's a quick workaround Josh could just attach a dummy script himself to linked CSG brushes when the map is loaded from the game. Seems like a cheap and easy way to do it.

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Yes, this must be added. Someone must get on this immediately!


Oh wait... wub.png

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