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Animation not coming with models from blender

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I have been making a bunch of models in blender with Leadwerks that have animation, and I export them as .FBX and then use drag and drop to import then and it all works perfectly fine, no errors, i can open them up and look at them (after scaling them down) and it's fine, except the animation isn't included. I already made sure in the export options in blender that the "include animation" box was checked and the animation still does not show up. It says it has no animation at all.

Help is appreciated very much and thank you.

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You must use Bone to animate, and Leadwerks will export animation

This means: If you want to export a rotated box, add a bone, parent the box to that bone, animate it.

Hope this help.

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Not sure if this helps, but did you bind the armature to the mesh?


Using Object Mode, here is a rough guideline:


- bring in metarig with Shift+A -> select Armature -> metarig type

- manuplating a rigified armature

- object mode

- Ctl+A -> Apply -> Location

- Apply -> Rotation + Scale

- deselect everything

- select the metarig

- Armature tab -> Rigify Buttons -> Generate

- hide metarig

- use the new "rig"

- select all

- deselect the light and camera, if any

- With the new "rig" as the primary selection:

- Ctl+P -> Set Parent To -> Armature Deform -> with Automatic Weights

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