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Can't download from the workshop

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As the title suggests, when I try to download certain products from the ingame-workshop it doesn't work. I can download free products, but not ones I have bought. I can download DLC I have bought as long as i click on the bottom-corner install button.


Error when clicking on DLC(weirdly enough i can still download it from the bottom-corner button):

Error: GetFileInfo failed. (15)


Error when clicking on other payed items which cant be downloaded:

Error: GetFileInfo failed. (9)


I have steam cloud activated.

I have tried it on multiple projects.


If you need any extra information just ask.

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There is no bottom-corner install button. What are you referring to?

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This problem has been pointed out already: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/15820-workshop/.


You can work around this problem by searching the item that you purchased and then the "Install" button appears, otherwise it does not appear. And again, items cannot be purchased via the workshop in Leadwerks, only through the website, or at least this is my experience with the Leadwerks Workshop. DLC's do install, however, even though I have purchased the Mercenary model, and shows up in the workshop, it does not reflect on Steam that I have the DLC paid for.


Same error message and the Steam cloud is active.

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Yep that works thanks!


Also, I'm having issues uploading images to posts, i tried to upload an image showing where the button is but i couldn't.

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