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Destory a host in luaenet

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I'm using luaenet for my game and it's going well, but I can't seem to make a disconnect option. I don't know if I'm understanding it correctly or not, but I can't find an option where you can disconnect a host, or destroy one. So I'm looking for a way to disconnect a host.


Website for the luaenet: http://leafo.net/lua-enet/#peerdisconnectdata

Post I used to download: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/14699-networking-in-lua/#entry99965


Any help appreciated.

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I would imagine they have it configured to destroy the host using the the lua garbage collector....

What you can try doing is printing out the "enet" table and see if it has "enet.host_destroy" as that would follow the general style they're going for since the C++ version would be like:



If it's not there you could definitely expose it yourself (push it to "enet" module.) then manually handle deletion... or even not use lua-enet all together and generate your own bindings with toLua++ and a pkg generator like the one me or Josh released on here. (think would require adding //lua comments to the enet header files.) (Then you'd have to ensure you manually destroyed the host though, as it wouldn't be config'd to work w/ the GC.)


But yeah if all references to the host become nil it should delete itself

local host = enet.host_create"localhost:6789"
host = nil -- the host will now be garbage collected.


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