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I’m still using my CS6 suite but have been closely following there development smile.png

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Seems quite easy to pick up mirrors Photoshop in many ways, the only downfall I can see is no smart layers and if you import a PSD with a smart layer it converts it to a raster layer.

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I've been using Affinity Photo and Designer since the start of this topic in May and completely made the transition Photoshop with around a week to fully get used to the new interface. In most ways it behaves exactly like Photoshop so the learning curve is quite small. It's low price tag has paid for itself already compared to my Adobe Cloud Subscription and has allowed me to 'vote with my feet' with Adobe and their latest and yet another price hike. I also feel i'm getting better results too, especially with AF Designer.

Since this purchase there has been the Affinity Photo iPad app release (my iPad is an air not Air2 so I cant use it unfortunately) but does look awesome and an extensive update for the two software items.

I'm not going to worry about listing their pros as I consider the software as a whole being a pro. When I have time unlike now, I will add some pros that relate to game dev as there are some neat features:

AF Designer Cons:

- This is not a fault of Affinity, but because it hasn't been around long 3rd party software dosen't support it's format. You cant do the Bridging with Substance Like you can with Photoshop. Would be great if Substance and zBrush would support this software in the future. In Affinity you can export to .psd so you can get around this however in a round about way.

- Cant do arrowheads on your lines like in Illustrator.

AF Photo Cons:

 - No Smart layers and if you import a PSD with a smart layer it imports the smart layer and converts it to a raster layer.

- No native Bridging with Substance as mentioned above.

- Cant import and paint 3d objects. Does anyone actually use that feature in Photoshop anyway???

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