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cant run ANY games (not even the sample maps) - please help!

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Like the topic says I can't seem to get any of the maps to run in preview mode, that goes for the sample maps as well - such as the "AI and events" map or the "FPS controller" map.

When I attempt to "run" maps in the Leadwerks editor, I am taken to a completely black "run" screen.

What could this possibly be?

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Well, if it occurs on the AI and events map you most likely do have a camera in your scene.

What kind of video card do you have have? Are you graphics drivers up to date? If you have AVG anti virus this can result in a black screen til it completes a quick scan. These are all the places I'd start looking, but if your problems persist post some information about your hardware, and what operating system you're using; maybe we can come up with some better ideas as to what might be going on.

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