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Vertex tool and Selection tool ?

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i boutgh for 5 month a professional license of leadwerk and i didn't ge the time to use it..


So i'm coming from Source Engine and Unity Engine and i found the software very good but were are the Selection Tool, the Vertex Tool, the Clipping Plane Tool and the Cordon tool ? dry.png

They are very important to make maps.. sad.png

Si i wonder if it's possible to add them in futur ^^


PS : I know Leadwerk is not finish. wink.png

PS2 (not the console rolleyes.gif) : I'm french so sorry if there is languages mistakes


Please notice me if one of this tools exists biggrin.png


Thanks to have read this thread,

see you one the Internet, rolleyes.gif


Stim laugh.png

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I second this idea, I would bet that a UV mapping tool to allow for better control over texture application would also be a good addition. The current system of selecting faces and manually positioning materials on them works alright but it can be a bit of a pain to get things to look correct. I know Josh has his hair share of work cut out for him already with future feature and fix implementations for leadwerks but this is something that I strongly feel would allow creators to be able to better fine-tune their environments and be able to create even more things than are currently possible with the current CSG brush system.

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This is more like to happen in 5.x because it will use a new editor.

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