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When using the Leadwerks engine workshop, I cannot sign in and gain access to my purchased items. Once the interface is loaded, it displays the following screenshots. The workshop will not allow any key input, therefore not allowing access to purchased items.




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Dang, even if I mess around with the pages there is no way to fix this on the server side and the new version isn't ready yet.  Just the SSL switch makes the previous path different.

I'm going to have to patch this by releasing a new build of the editor on the beta branch.  Sorry about that.

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Earlier I did try the 4.4 beta, which did allow downloading of purchased items, however, when trying to run a project there was an error of a missing library. My apologies, as I did not note the exact library.. thinking it was libopenvr.a, but could be wrong. Due to this error I returned to 4.3.

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I left a note on the 4.3 page explaining to opt into the beta branch to access Workshop.  That's all I can do without patching the software.  It is fixed in 4.4.

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