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Loading Lua script from C++

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'm using the C++ SDK and lua for small objects code. I need to create the entities from C++ and later use the bool Entity::CallFunction(const std::string& functionName, Object* extra)

How to 'bind' on script lua to an entity ? it looks that Interpreter is using tolua++, but I can't figure how to load the .lua properly to the object 

// Create 100 special entity

std::vector<Entity*> list;
for (int i = 0; i < 100; i ++) {
	Entity* entity = new MyEntity();
	entity->AddToWorldTable(true );
// Load special script (But not working, object not callable).
Interpreter::SetGlobal("Script"); // Must Script. Don't change that, because the script are prefixed with Script:myFunction
if (Interpreter::ExecuteFile("MyEntity.lua")) {
	System::Print("Error: Failed to execute script \"" + it + "\".");
 for (auto&it : list) it->CallFunction("OnSpecialFunction")



Script Lua


function Script:OnSpecialFunction()
   print self



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Yes I've read that, but the class doesn't do the loading of LUA file and instancing of for object

I'm using Interpreter::Push (which is tolua_pushusertype(L, o, o->GetClassNameStr().c_str())

But my class is for example Class A : public Entity, but my script using Script:<NameSpace> (same format as Leadwerks).

I need a function from an allocated Entity 

1) Load 1 Lua file  (Interpreter::ExecuteFile) (Which is using Script::<NameSpace> function).
2) 'Connect' for each entity  to the loaded lua (I don't want to load 1000 times the same lua code).
3)  Ability that each entity have its own variable.



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Doesn't this just give "Error failed to..." every time? you're printing the error when the Interpreter::ExecuteFile method returns true..

But yeah Josh is right, Entity::SetScript(const std::string& path); is what you're looking for.

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Ah ok, so SetScript is not just setting the file name, it loads and attach it, correct ?

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Yep.  There is no script loading function, because there is no script object.

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